Fine Wine and Fun

This month’s weather may not inspire you, me or anyone to go ‘out and play’ but after 2 weeks of what I thought was intense reading, I deemed it would be absolutely perfect to I treat myself and do something different. There I was on a Saturday afternoon having decided I need the break, I ensured I dressed appropriately for a day of unpredictable weather, so boots check, jacket and brolly check, check! Off to adventure….

Over the years and months the Kenyan entertainment scene has had a growing trend in outdoor events. Imma be truthful and state my opinion, some of these events can be pure ratchet. Thank heavens my choice turned out not to be a ‘…Ugh, get me out of here’ but a ‘look the time, 5 hours have gone by that fast?’ kinda thing. I was pleasantly surprised and went home quite happy J

What, you may ask deserves this praise?? The WineSpa held at the Eden Garden ladies and gentlemen is what I’m raving about today and for a couple oWineSpaf months here on. The WineSpa is a ‘progressive’ networking event organized by Memoria Events. WineSpa’s intention is to give its attendees a chance to relax, network, enjoy a glass (or more) of wine and the various spa amenities.

The WineSpa was the first of its kind and the highlights of the event included, of course, wines by KenRuss Ltd and mini spa services offered by SugarCoat Nail and Spa. The guys were also covered for a whiskey corner was set up just for them.

Whiskey, for the dudes and dudettes. Wine!!

Happy Spa Moment

In the words of Diane Keaton, I am not a wine connoisseur but I do enjoy a glass of two, and that’s exactly what I did at the Winespa – enjoy me some wine!!I got a chance to sample some of the red wines and have to say relished all three varieties they had to offer. Just because wine was the core of the event did not mean I was bound to imbibing copious amounts of it. so I did the most responsible thing and balanced that out with some grub.

I ate, I drunk and made merry, what else could have asked for.

They were also a couple of vendors and one that caught my eye definitely had to be Kihuruta. Kihuruta Designs is all about jewelry, striking and unique African infused jewelry pieces at that.

Lovely Kihuruta (2) Fuse

I could go on, but you know what? It would be better if you could experience it for yourself. Memoria Events will soon be having another gig and by jolly, you have to attend coz I just can’t have all this fun by myself. Here’s the link, The Chocolate Affair

I must admit though, for a first time gig, due credit goes to the team of organisers who worked hard to create a unique and nearly flawless event. The organizers truly live up to their name, Memoria Events, the fun I had and connections made, will be remembered for a long time.

Here are a couple of pictures from Eden Garden courtesy of Ms. Cindy. Revere at the awesomeness of it all.                                                                      Another Gem by KihurutaProprietor Of Kihuruta

More Food!!!

 Even the men got a taste of the spa services

Ladies having a grand old time lovely ladies


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