A letter to Future Me

Dear Slightly Older Still Beautiful Me,

Nearly 25 years young and I write this letter hoping to read it a year, and a couple of months from now.  So first things first, HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS!!

Finally a blog, so proud of you 🙂 🙂 I can recall the number of times you had dreamt about this, a mouth piece for your thoughts. I’m glad you finally found the confidence to share who you are with the world and let the world discover you. The excitement to get to share my trials, tribulations and adventures has the 25 year old you doing a happy dance.

I love that you have definitely become more confident in your own skin all thanks to your awesome support system; of course your awesome family, you gurrlfriends and friends and just maybe that amazing hunk of a man you now call your boyfriend :-P. Don’t forget to give thanks to all those peeps and especially God. Hope you still remember the power of gratitude; a year ago you were the biggest believer of it. (‘in it,’ not quite sure)

With that said they may have had commitments over the past few months and not quite completed them. This does not make you a failure, so keep this in mind; they are no failures, only motivation to do bigger and better each and every time. The 25 year old you often forgets how super awesome you are but DONT YOU EVER FORGET IT!

You had a dream and so you worked hard and put so much effort to earn a place in a career, yes not a job, a career. I’m happy that I am taking pleasure in what I do, at a fun, fast paced environment and get to use my creativity. My colleagues are some of the most intelligent and eclectic individuals I’ve come to meet. Their experience is overwhelming and glad to be under some of their wings for each day I learn something new, growing and moving forward in my career.

I’m glad you finally found a way to be money conscience; you were one of the most extravagant, spendthrift individuals I know. Yes, you have done a lot of stupid things with your money but I’m glad I can budget and to stick to it. Being a #LiveLearn ambassador, I learnt to invest my money the right way. Yayzies for me!!

Remember, heels are sexy and you in heels are makes them sexier! Don’t ever hide from the world, you have a beautiful smile and half the world needs to see it.

Remember to sing, dance, laugh, love, and cry. Just be who you wanna be!

A year later and you’re finally reading this, maybe it’s brought tears to your eyes or you’re are reading this with a group of your friends laughing out hard and loud, either way hope you enjoyed your journey to this point.



P.S The Best Self Is Within Myself


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